Email Marketing Tools Insights about Active Campaign and Get Response

Work Smarter and Better to Be Happier and More Successful, through leveraging with the use of the Following Marketing automation tools such as:

  1. Active Campaign:

Active Campaign; Integrated email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM. Save time while growing your business with sales automation. Advanced Reporting. Integrated Forms. Migration Services to know more about Active Campaign products.

Active Campaign product reviews:

1.How Koia Used Customer Experience Automation to Grow Online Sales by 92%

The Problem

  • Needed the ability to control the exact flow that subscribers went through based on their interests and demographics
  • Required a flexible platform that would give the ability to create different customer engagement programs
  • Wanted more visibility and insights into subscribers to support sales and marketing

The Solution:

  • Created a loyalty program called, Koia Krew, where customers complete missions to win prizes and receive benefits
  • Dynamic segmentation gives the ability to send personalized messages based on hobbies, locations, and store preference
  • Customer data is used to help the marketing team develop ads based on hobbies & interest, while the sales team can target the most requested stores

‘’ActiveCampaign is so flexible. I was able to create a loyalty program that has helped us learn more about our customers and keep them engaged. We are now understanding our customers better and becoming more personal at every touchpoint’’.

Active Campaign Benefits:

  • Finding a platform to grow alongside your Business
  • Engaging subscribers with welcome series, flexible automation, and loyalty program
  • The Koia Krew: Using CXA to create a gamified loyalty program
  • Using segmentation to create a personal experience for every customer

Uplift Story

“ “ With Active Campaign, I no longer have to worry About who I need to email or follow up with Having them already in the automation provides a different level of communication to my clients.”

Whole30’s story

“Active Campaign has helped us be smarter with our emails and become closer to our Whole30 Community.”

Floret flowers story

Active Campaign has allowed us to automate, segment, and personalize communications to our customers across both major parts of our business: our online shop and our online course. We wished we would have switched to Active Campaign sooner.”

  1. Get Response on the other hand is a Powerful, simplified tool to send email marketing,

create pages, and automate your marketing:

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Funnels

Inbound marketing solutions for what you need to do:

  • Grow your audience- Find new customers and build your email list with lead generation tools that turn anonymous connections into loyal fans.
  • Engage with customers- stay in touch with your customers and potential clients with targeted online communication that converts.
  • Sell your knowledge- Build a following, engage them with your content, and turn your expertise into a profitable business.
  • Boost online sales- Market your e-commerce business and deliver experiences that convert store visitors into returning customers.

Explain the value of what you’re offering through retargeting ads, triggered emails, and live webinars.


Facebook Ads

Email marketing

Marketing automation


“Trust your online courses with a reliable partner”

Get Response Product reviews:

We run a lot of online courses. With Get Response we can automate our email communication and webinars, draw an entire user journey, and connect payment systems.” by Marina Mogilco (founder of Linguatrip)

“I’ve used tons of Different software and I can honestly say that Get Response is the easiest one for creating, promoting, and selling your online courses. Highly recommended!” by Shane Barker(Digital Marketing Consultant)

“If you’re trying to grow an email list, you need a reliable service. Get Response is who I recommended to all my students. The value they offer for the price is hard to beat.” by Leslie Samuel(Founder of Become A Blogger)

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